46 Questions to Harald Schendera

You can do without …


What is your highest hope?

The Social Plastic.

Your secret passion?

To sing.

What pleases you?

Giving unsolicited advice.

What excites you?


What makes you laugh?

Bullet list prose in PowerPoint presentations.

What saddens you?

The silence of Beuys.

What is embarrassing you?

To sing along.

What are you afraid of?

A silent majority.

What leads you into temptation?

A pearl necklace.

What lets you stand up in the morning?

Routine jobs.

What can't you do without?

A computer.

How would you describe yourself?

Thinker type.

What do your enemies say about you?

Weird at best.

Which of your good attributes are misjudged?

Not a single one.

Which politician do you trust?

Bodo Ramelow.

Who reigns the country in ten years?

Serious people.

What would you implement first?

The federal referendum law.

Who influences you in your work?

Alan Moore.

Form follows …?


What is your favorite form?

A dendritic space framework of fractal characteristic.

Your preferred unit of measurement?

Cubic lightyears.

Which material speaks your language?


Your color?

Midnight blue.

Your plant?


Your smell?

Bourbon vanilla.

Your motto?

Breathing in, breathing out.

Your signature song?

Dweller on the Threshold, Van Morrison.

For which painter's images would you spend a lot of money?

For an Andreas Gursky.

Your place in a painting?

Max Schmitt im Einer (Max Schmitt in a Single Scull), Thomas Eakins.

Your favorite book?

Platform, Michel Houellebecq.

Your favorite song?

Beyond Love, The The.

Your favorite movie?

Blade Runner, Ridley Scott.

Your favorite actor?

Mario Draghi.

Your favorite toy?

The Alinghi SUI-91.

Your favorite wild animal?


What do you collect?

Color names

Where would you like to have your secondary residence?

On Europa.

Which dream do you want to fulfill for yourself?

Matter transmission over interplanetary distances without loss of time.

Your favorite figure in history?

Marc Aurel.

With whom would you like to change parts for one month?

With Wolfgang Schäuble.

What does hold the world together in its inside?


What is the meaning of life?

To do the one thing.

Where do you want to be buried?

In Riven.

Who should write the funeral eulogy?

Two Sunners.

What sentence do you expect to be included in it?


The epic island Age of Riven, home of the Sunners
Three sunners in the sea
Sunners in the sea

Harald Schendera by Harald Schendera, 2016. – Internet marketing professional and traffic generation specialist from Germany

We already have the federal electoral law, which is hypertrophic, but the federal referendum law is completely missing. A law where the sovereign could decide or raise objections. Such a federal referendum law in transition would be important to the highest extent. And furthermore, it would be very important that everyone stands behind initiatives, which are already there and which come and go again and again. Joseph Beuys: Reden über das eigene Land: Deutschland (Talking about the own country: Germany)

The most beautiful names for blue
Fusion blue
Illusion blue
International Klein Blue, IKB
Lapislazuli blue
Steel blue